Do you want an organisation that is thriving? Do you want employees who are creative and collaborative? Do you want to see your employees energised at the close of the day? Then the following might be for you …


Although it’s considered normal for people to do their work sitting at a desk all day.  Sitting for hours on end is not normal for the human body.  This lack of activity brings on fatigue and exhaustion.  Scientific studies have proven that sitting so much can deteriorate one’s health seriously.  We knew about back pain, neck pain, schoulder and hand disorders, but recently also elevated risks of diabetes, cardiovascular dideases, colon- and breastcancer.

Thanks to this workshop you will be able to reduce the health risks of your office based employees but also to keep up their energy throughout the day, enhance creativity and collaboration and thus improving the productivity and general wellbeing of your people.

BENEFITS : After the workshop the participants will

  • be aware of their own level of sedentary behaviour
  • be engaged in their own responsability to adopt a healthy behaviour
  • be able to adjust their workplace tools : chair, desk, keyboard, mouse, …
  • be able to move more during their work
  • know the effects of sedentary behaviour on their own health
  • know the essential workplace ergonomics
  • know the possible solutions to keep up energy at work


  • fast-paced interactive style in groups of 15 to 20 maximum
  • using essential theoretical aspects of ergonomics and anatomy
  • practical experience of the theory in real ergonomic environment
  • practical and easy to implement advice, tips and ideas
  • one-to-one attention and individualised recommandations
  • visual support


  • Duration : each session is 2 and 1/2 to 3hrs – according to the number of participants
  • Number of participants : 12 to 20 (max)
  • Price includes : visual support, personalised advise and one-to-one coaching for each participant
  • Legal aspects : this workshop can count for the legal obligation that one has to inform office employees about their health risks
  • Extra legal compliance : ergonomic workplace assesments and advice on demand

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