Communication is the base on which to build a winning team. The ability to communicate is the key skill that enables one to develop other skills such as individual efficiency. High skill in communication is actually the basis that makes true collaboration possible between project members, and helps the team to perform well together.

Teambuilding ?
You have decided to invest in a strategic project for your business. You put together a project team of people who have little experience of working together. This team will live a great adventure and face difficulties and resistance during this project.

” Before you get started, have you broughtlively-team.jpg enough attention to the cohesion of the team?”  If you want a successful project team, it is essential to invest in the cohesion of the team and the ability of its members to communicate with each other and with the rest of the company.

Our proposal

We offer tailored interventions during which the team members learn and experience all the essential skills to collaborate successfully within the team.


WooveUp team coachings improve communication.  Spontaneous exchanges between employees increase and meetings are more effective.  This is a powerful innovation vector.  Tensions come down, we avoid or defuse potential conflict or misunderstanding. The work place atmosphere is now enjoyable and energised.  The dynamic working methods introduced by WooveUp now become habits of collaboration and are the key to better personal efficiency and team performance.

How ? – Pedagogical approach

Our approach combines the benefits of training, team building and coaching .
1 – Training provides participants with shared tools and thus shared skills to solve the problems they will face.
2 – Teambuilding strengthens the cohesion of the team and ensures the alignment of the team members on a common goal.
3 – Individual coaching enhances the autonomy and empowers each of the team members in the project. Working with questions or problems brought up by the member being coached, the individual coaching sessions help them to develop and adopt their ideal position in the team.

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