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How do you feel when you get home from work?   Are you tired and just feel like watching TV?   Or, do you still have plenty of energy and feel like doing something creative?

WHY a Movement Culture? 

Although it’s considered normal for the people to do their work sitting at a desk all day.  Sitting for hours on end is not normal for the human body.  This lack of activity actually brings on fatigue and exhaustion.  Scientific studies have proven that sitting so much can deteriorate one’s health seriously (we’re talking diabetes, cancer, heartdiseases), and this even for those who exercise after work!


One solution is, of course, to introduce energy breaks as part of a normal routine at work, or buy standing desks or encourage employees to do sports at noon.  These are good solutions that will get a person reenergised and keep up their health … if they do it!

WooveUp shows you how to get on the move during the work day without any interruption of the workflow.  Providing surprisingly easy and simple solutions to the ill effects of sitting all day.  Methods like ‘dynamic sitting’, ‘standing or walking meetings’ will really work because WooveUp helps to change the behaviour.  This is what we mean when we talk about implementing a Movement Culture.

WHAT are the benefits?  

Movement is life! The most obvious advantage to moving while working is that it keeps the energy up throughout the day.   Changing behaviour becomes a gain of time and money because there is no extra expense needed to implement these methods. And finally it is also scientifically proven to, not only to reduce health risks of your employees, but it also enhances creativity and collaboration between your employees, thus improving the productivity and the general well-being of your organisation as a whole.

Do you want an organisation that is thriving? Do you want employees who are creative and collaborative? Do you want to see your employees energised at the close of the day? Do you want to test and see the results for yourself?