TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD … on your careerpath!       

In the end, we all want our work to be good for us: we want to be efficient, motivated and stay in good health, to keep energy for life outside of work. This is what we call today sustainable employability”. This balance allows us to stay active for the time it takes, without getting sick or burn-out. Today, more then ever, we need to be strategic actors of our professionnal growpath and many of us want to find more meaning in our actions.

If we raise the question of our sustainable employability and if we want to make changes, we need to realize that it also requires an evolution of our own identity, our positioning in life, our convictions … and so a work on ourselves.   Sometimes we feel locked up believing that we must fend for ourselves.   Sometimes we feel that people who want to help us are too close and too concerned.

My answer is : as a coach I am a neutral person who accompanies you on your path: – by listening to you, – by advising you, – by helping you find your own solutions.  And, although neutral, it is with the look of coach at his “champion” that I walk with you.

My goal is to invite you to bond with the best of yourself and the meaning of your action. This involves the use and learning of tools on the themes of complexity, change, communication, autonomy and responsibility.

Looking forward to meet you! 

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